Don't let Arizona's monsoon season and water damage scare you. If you do happen to notice water dripping from your ceiling or down a wall please make sure to allow proper ventilation to the area by cutting small holes or the whole area out.  You do not want mold to start growing as the insulation and drywall will retain water and allow mold to grow.  Calling a restoration company is a great first step to help cover the roof leaks and open up those spots that are leaking to allow them to dry quickly.  When you are ready to get the holes patched back up give us a call.  We specialize in putting it all back together like it never happened.    We love Arizona but also know that monsoon season can bring unexpected leaks and are here to help. 

At PatchMaster we are happy to help with your drywall repairs, whether you are doing some home remodeling, had kids roughhousing a little too much, or had unexpected leaks that necessitate repairs.


Image via Wiki Commons